How about-Hostility Among Nurses: Myth or Reality?

By: Dr Susan Strauss ,Workplace and Education Harassment & Bullying Consultant.

The Joint Commission’s Disruptive Behavior Standard

  • 11-April-2019 | 00.00 AM

How Long Should I Keep My Patients’ Medical Records? Disposition of Records and Records Retention for Medical Records, Including Electronic Records

By: Mark R. Brengelman ,Attorney at Law PLLC.

Difference in government regulation and private requirements for record-keeping

  • 18-March-2019 | 00.00 AM

What Did I Do Wrong? Top Violations of Law Against Physical Therapists

By: Mark R. Brengelman ,Attorney at Law PLLC.

Learn to identify the legal authority for state agencies

  • 10-April-2019 | 00.00 AM

Fired by Facebook - HIPAA and social media violations of HIPAA’s privacy requirements

By: Mark R. Brengelman ,Attorney at Law PLLC.

Both when a heath care practitioner initiates a social media comment and when the practitioner responds to a social media

  • 08-May-2019 | 00.00 AM

Excel as a BI Tool - Pivot Tables Part 1

By: Mike Thomas ,Subject matter expert in a range of technologies.

Create Pivot Tables is one of the must have skills

  • 10-December-2018
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