REACH and RoHS Compliance: Protecting Revenues with Advanced Compliance

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What are REACH and RoHS Compliance Training and Regulations?

This one-day seminar focuses on taking you into the depths of REACH and RoHS regulations. It can provide the participants the insight into the case studies and share valuable lessons learned so the organization can get real benefit from the errors of others. The course will also review the newest features on both directives and will draw out chief developments and prominent dates with specific importance on necessities for the US firms.

In the opinion of the experts at WCS, REACH and RoHS have been referred to as "…one of the most intricate guidelines in the history of the European Union." Due to this, none of the participants can afford to miss this full-day REACH RoHS Compliance Training session to find out the real stuff in this training course.

Objectives of Learning:

After the completion of this seminar, the participants will be able the do the following:

  • Understanding your organization’s liability under RoHS and REACH.
  • Assessment of the available case studies.
  • RoHS and REACH guidelines
  • Deliberate lessons, and educated submissions to guarantee full obedience.
  • REACH Registration of Substances
  • Articles and REACH
  • Introduction to REACH
  • Supply chain communication
  • Reporting to management and government agencies
  • Basics of RoHS
  • Responsibility for RoHS
  • Substances of Very High Concerns (SVHC)
  • Background and content of RoHS
  • Material testing methods
  • Compliance enforcement
  • Methods of regulatory data collection
  • International requirements of RoHS
  • Compliance consulting on company real-world scenarios
  • Build and manage RoHS/REACH compliance programs
  • A clear overview of WEEE, Global RoHS/REACH legislature, Anti-trafficking regulations, Conflict Minerals, and CA Proposition 65

Training Agenda For REACH RoHS Compliance Training:

Important subjects this seminar will cover may include the following:


Session starts at: 10:00 AM EST

  • REACH Registering of Materials
  • Introduction to REACH
  • Articles and REACH
  • Substances of Very High Concerns (SVHC)
  • Supply chain communiqué
  • Compliance enforcement

 Break 1 -15 mins

  • Basics of RoHS
  • Contextual and content of RoHS
  • Accountability for RoHS
  • Global requirements of RoHS

 Break for Lunch: (30 mins)

  • A Procedure for Defensive Revenues
  • 10 Phases to edifice a RoHS/REACH compliance package
  • Decisive the best practices for assembling data
  • Handling bequest systems and parts
  • Educating data collection by using Jig 101, IEC 62474, IPC 1752

 Afternoon Break

  • Developing the right knowledge about 3rd party acquiescence software platforms
  • Physical and mechanical collection of data
  • Incorporating compliance into standard business practices
  • Construction of management reports for obtaining results
  • REACH SCIP database
  • Construction templates for strategies and measures
  • New UK versions of RoHS and REACH
  • Including compliance processes in ISO 9001:2015 documentation
  • Implementing a RoHS/REACH compliance maintenance program
  • Conducting compliance audits
  • Building a documented system for proof of due diligence

Time to End of the Session: 05:00 PM EDT

Who are the possible beneficiaries of REACH RoHS Compliance Training?

This online seminar in REACH RoHS Compliance Training will provide extremely helpful assistance to all professionals in the following domains:

  • Chemical industry
  • Electronics
  • Quality Managers
  • Medical devices
  •  Anyone new to RoHS and or REACH and need to understand the regulations
  • Toy-makers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • Professionals who are answerable to RoHS and REACH compliance
FDA Faculty Kelly Eisenhardt

Kelly Eisenhardt

Co-Founder and Managing Director at BlueCircle Advisors LLC

Greater Boston

Kelly Eisenhardt is Co-Founder and Managing Director of BlueCircle Advisors responsible for business development, consulting, and training services focused on environmental compliance and corporate social responsibility.

Her experience working in technology and sustainability roles for companies such as EMC, PTC, and Fair Factories Clearinghouse have given her a strong foundation to create compliance programs, build sustainability and reporting programs, implement data collection technologies, and manage initiatives that identify CSR risk in facilities, products, and supply chains. She is a writer for industry trade publications such as EnvironmentEnergyPro, CSRwire, [email protected], and an invited guest blogger at Triple Pundit on trends in compliance, supply chain, and sustainable product developmen

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