FDA’s Regulation for Molecular Diagnostics

By: Todd Graham ,Managing Partner, Delevan Street Biosciences.

How to choose the different tracks of the process

  • 29-May-2019| 01:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes

Strategies for Reducing Process Risk Increasing Yield, Reducing COGS and Improving Compliance

By: Ron Snee ,Founder and President of Snee Associates.

What does it mean to reduce risk, to manage risk, and how do you do it?

  • 28-May-2019| 01:30 PM ET | 10:30 AM PT | 12:30 PM CT Duration 90 Minutes

Smart Recruitment: How to Attract, Interview and Hire the Right Candidates

By: Marcia Zidle ,Executive and Leadership Coach.

Smart interviewing: hiring the right people, at the right time, with the right skills, for the right position

  • 06-June-2019| 03:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM PT | 02:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes
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