Live Webinar Building effective project teams

03:00 PM EDT | 12:00 PM PDT | 02:00 PM CDT Duration 60 Minute

Webinar Includes : All the training handouts , certificate ,Q/A and 60 mins Live Webinar

"Listen from Charles H Paul has been a regulatory and management consultant and an Instructional Technologist for 30 years"

Building the project team


Today more than ever before the job titles that we hold are not entirely reflective of the work that we do.  Global teams and collaboration often place individuals in positions of team leadership that have the least foundation to manage all facets of complex projects.  Project management requires specific knowledge of the key project facets that must be carefully managed.  The interactions across divergent corporate functions, culture, language, and time zones all pose unique challenges to the new project manager.  One of the most important determinants of a successful project is the collective skill, knowledge, and ability of the project team.  Who you select to be on your team, how you assign responsibility to those team members, how you balance workload and effort…..all are critical to your success.  No project manager is able to work alone.  He or she needs a team of many or few to execute the project plan and deliver project results – on time, on budget, and to the levels of quality required by the customer.

Why should you attend

The subject of this webinar is building the project team.  The key to achieving success with your project is the people you assign to it, how well you develop that team, and sustaining team members’ ongoing commitment to the successful completion of the project.  Most ad hoc, “other duty as assigned” project managers without formal project management training, have difficulty managing the activities that are required and specified by the project charter and project plan let alone managing the complex personalities, skills and time commitments possessed by individual team members.  This webinar will address how to form, train, and manage a winning project team.

Areas Covered

•        Define the roles of each team function.
•        Explain the purpose of the Responsibility Assignment Matrix.
•        Create a Responsibility Assignment Matrix.
•        Finalize team member project assignments.
•        Utilize resources from outside the organization.
•        Schedule and conduct project meetings.

Who will Benefit

Any member of a cross functional project team that has the potential opportunity to lead that project.

Industries who can attend

This webinar crosses all industries and functions it is however particularly suited for the health sciences where much project-based work is accomplished.
•        Medical device manufacturers
•        Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations
•        Cosmetic and foods manufacturers
•        All other industries

Speaker Profile

Charles H Paul

Charles H. Paul is the President of C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc. – a regulatory, manufacturing, training, and technical documentation consulting firm – celebrating its twentieth year in business in 2017. Charles has been a regulatory and management consultant and an Instructional Technologist for 30 years and has published numerous white papers on various regulatory and training subjects. The firm works with both domestic and international clients designing solutions for complex training and documentation issues. 

He has held senior positions in consulting and in corporate training development prior to forming C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc.. He also worked for several years in government contracting managing the development of significant Army-wide training development contracts impacting virtually all of the active Army and changing the training paradigm throughout the military. 

He has dedicated his entire professional career explaining the benefits of performance-based training

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