What’s New in Onboarding?

03:00 PM ET | 12:00 PM PT | 02:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes

Developing and implementing a well though out process


Join us to learn about current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience to build commitment, confidence and competence. We will include how to integrate technology, such as online gaming, and mobile applications that will engage and inspire your new talent to quickly grasp the knowledge and skills they need to perform in the new job. 

Why waste time? Get them up to speed immediately so that they can rapidly contribute to the achievement of your desired business results. Join us to see the latest in onboarding technology and incorporate it into your process for all of your new hires. 

Why should you Attend:

You've hired the best. Don't lose them due to poor onboarding. Millions of dollars can be added to the bottom line by developing and implementing a well though out process that matches employee expectations. Design, develop and implement a fabulous program to help them become fully engaged, productive and successful fast.

Areas Covered

•         Turn your onboarding event into a 90 day process
•         Engage your new hires in learning the required skills quickly and easily
•         Use technology to streamline new hire logistics and help them learn new job skills in an engaging and                         interesting way
•         Ensure team cohesion and support for new hires by involving key team members in the process
•         Maximize new hire productivity by ensuring candidates have the tools to "pre-board"
•         Increase the retention of all new hires and reduce their turnover during the first year on the job
•         How to design a 90-day onboarding process that reduces the time it takes to get new employees up to speed
•         How to provide your virtual organization with the mobile application for tablets and smartphones
•         How to design and develop the content and learning activities to be used on the gaming platform
•         How to use manager, buddy and new employee checklists in the process
•         How to measure the business impact and contribution your new onboarding process delivers
•         Innovative case examples
•         Your Questions

Who will Benefit

•         Human Resource Professionals
•         HR Generalists
•         Managers
•         Supervisors
•         Leaders
•         Executives
•         Talent Management
•         Retention Consultants

Industries who can attend

This 60 minute online course is intended for professionals in the all Industry

Speaker Profile

B. Lynn Ware, Ph.D., CEO

Dr. Ware is an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist who has practiced for over 30 years in the talent management field, with a focus on how to optimize the talent investment to exceed business goals. Dr. Ware has experience consulting in the consumer products, financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, retail and technology industries. Dr. Ware is frequently quoted on trends in talent management in numerous publications such as the Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, Network World, and ComputerWorld magazine, and has recently been featured several times on CNN as a national talent management expert.

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