Influencing Skills for HR Leaders: Build Your Reputation, Personal Power and Business Impact

01:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes

The key to leadership is influence, not authority


As a Human Resource department, how well do you influence your company's direction? Contribute to the corporate discussion about customers, products and strategy? Are you a participant in senior-level meetings? Do managers seek your opinion? Are you seen as an equal business partner and a full-fledged member of the top management team?
Some people still think of Human Resource as those guys that just do the “people stuff,” shuffling contracts and recruiting new hires. In fact, there’s a disconnect between how the HR function is perceived in many organizations and the often-untapped potential it offers in a business climate that is fuelled with change and transformation.
Simply put, most business leaders understand the basic function of HR, but they don't see the bigger opportunities to help them be more effective and to impact marketplace growth.
The challenge for HR leaders and professionals now is to claim their power in leadership and influencing skills and show their value added in a bottom-line way. The challenge for HR leaders is to get their voices heard and to gain more influence inside the organization so that business leaders will listen to their recommendations and take action.
If you’re going to be heard, listened to, and believed, you must excel at personal power and influence to become a trusted partner and advisor to senior leadership and play a greater role in how to influence others in the workplace to reach the company’s goals- not from a compliance standpoint – but from a growth standpoint.

Why Should You Attend:

When was the last time you thought about how do you influence others as a leader — how you change minds, shape opinions, move others to act? Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager said, “The key to leadership is influence, not authority."That’s why it’s important to include power and influence in leadership as part of your professional portfolio.
Even with a solid foundation of credibility and competence, you as a Human Resource professionals and leaders, may fall short if you don’t understand the influence dynamics of power, politics and persuasion. Whether staff or operations or whether it’s getting approval for expenditures beyond your budget or getting items onto the agenda for the next meeting, how do you influence others as a leader matters.
Therefore, it is crucial to understand the range of leadership and influencing skills you can use, know when and how to use them, build your power bases, and sharpen your persuasion skills so that they can be viewed as a strategic partner working to support the business strategy. This webinar will help you master the art of influence focusing on how to:
•        Build your personal or informal power and political savvy 
•        How to build your reputation by getting out of your HR silo and into the operations mainstream 
•        Build partnerships working to support the business strategy and increase the effectiveness of the organization.

Areas Covered

This webinar will provide leadership tips and cover these seven points:
•         Identify the six sources of leadership power
•         Recognize the value of personal power to get results
•         Understand why politics and power are not bad words
•         Review three strategies and ten tactics to influence others 
•         Become familiar with Marshall Goldsmith’s “Rules of the Road”
•         Review influencing skills for HR leaders, five influence styles and decide which would work best in specific                 situations
•         Learn five ways to increase your informal power and not feel you’re just playing the game

Learning Objectives

The focus of this webinar is to provide insights and techniques in the influence dynamics of power, politics and persuasion so that HR professionals and leaders can be trusted advisors and strategic partners to both operations and senior management.

Who will Benefit

•         COO’s
•         CFO’s
•         VP of Human Resources
•         Human Resource Directors & Managers
•         Human Resource Professionals& Associates
•         Chief Learning Officer
•         Others who want to enhance their influencing skills

Industries who can attend

This 60-minute online course is intended for professionals in the All industries and companies because conflict resolution is a key management skill for every manager and every company.

Speaker Profile

Marcia Zidle

Marcia Zidle is a board certified executive coach, business management consultant and keynote speaker, who helps entrepreneurial ventures; small to medium size enterprises and professional firms to leverage their leadership and human capital assets.

With 25 years of management, business consulting and international experience in a variety of industries including health care, financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, insurance, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, government and nonprofits, she brings an expertise in social and emotional intelligence; executive and team leadership; employee engagement and innovation; personal and organization change management

Marcia is also the host of The Business Edge, a weekly internet radio show on the business channel of Voice America Media giving practical advice to CEO’s, company owners and executive teams that are planning, or are in the midst of, ambitious growth and change.

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