Managing People for the First Time: the “Not-So-Common” Common Sense Principles for the New Supervisor

01:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes

How to be a successful new manager and leader by learning best practices


Becoming a leader with direct oversight of employees can be rewarding, inspiring, and challenging. By demonstrating success in your own job, you are now (or soon will be) stepping into a role of engaging and developing employees. At the same time, you’re responsible for operational success, inter-departmental coordination, and key performance indicators. It can be an overwhelming step up!

Most people moving into a management position for the first time have little or no management and leadership training. As a result, they’re forced to learn on-the-job, and sometimes fail to make a positive impact. Ironically, the skills and talent that resulted in success in their individual roles are not the same as the ones that lead to leadership and management success.

This course is designed to provide you with a clear foundation on how to be a successful new manager and leader by learning best practices, strategic ideas, and tactical “how-to’s.”

Areas Covered

•        Practical strategies and how-to techniques to set yourself up for success.
•        Learn and create a 3-month self-onboarding plan to ensure success for yourself and your team.
•        Understand the key differences between managing and leading.
•        Establish and cultivate a “success culture” for your team.
•        Learn common pitfalls for new leaders and how to avoid them or manage through them.
•        How to strategically leverage other people-related resources such as your manager and human resources.
•        How to navigate and ensure inter-departmental harmony and cooperation for you and your team.

Who will Benefit

•        Employees preparing themselves for an upcoming promotion
•        New supervisors and managers with employees who report to them
•        New project and team leaders who lead a team of employees
•        Human resources professionals
•        Experienced leaders who desire to develop the next generation of leaders in their organization

Industries who can attend

This 60-minute online course is intended for professionals in the All industries and companies

Speaker Profile

Melveen Stevenson

Melveen Stevenson is the CEO and founder of M.S.Elemental, LLC, a human resources and business advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. As a certified HR professional with a background in accounting and finance, she helps companies to navigate the human resources “jungle” of compliance, human capital, and leadership challenges. By using an encompassing business approach, she helps to strengthen the infrastructure of organizations from the inside out, specifically through leadership development, operations, training, employee engagement, and executive coaching.

Over the last 17 years, Melveen has held leadership positions in human resources operations, supply chain, and talent management at international companies in food manufacturing, medical devices, and consumer products. She has also worked internationally.

Melveen began her career in accounting and international banking. With an inspired desire to support and drive organizational success through human capital, she redirected her career and obtained her MBA at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.

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