Drafting Legally Sound Job Descriptions

01:00 PM ET | 10:00 AM PT | 12:00 PM CT Duration 60 Minutes

Help employers to develop job descriptions that support their organizations


Job descriptions are often those dusty and forgotten-about documents in a binder or an old folder on the shared drive of a business…until they’re needed. The need may be prompted by a hiring demand, a work-related injury and request for accommodation, a lawsuit by a former employee, a request by a manager to increase an employee’s compensation, and a host of other reasons.

At its basic level, a well-written job description should clearly lay out the job duties and expectations of the position. It also should be the written to support robust job evaluations, including providing a defense for employees in the recruiting, promotion, disciplinary, and leaves management areas of standard operating procedures. By taking the time and effort to create job descriptions

Unfortunately, companies either don’t put in the time and effort to create strongly-written job descriptions. In other cases, employers allow their job descriptions to lag behind the “real world” changes and requirements of the job.

This training is designed to help employers to develop job descriptions that support their organizations from important and relevant perspectives including recruiting/hiring, onboarding, performance management, leave management, and legal claims

Areas Covered

•       Legal considerations that every employer should know about job descriptions
•       A roadmap and best practices for developing job descriptions
•       Primary components of a well-constructed job description
•       Uses of job descriptions including recruiting and hiring; onboarding and orientation; performance management;          promotions and compensation; and, leaves management.
•       Differentiating the job analysis from the job description and job posting – and why you should know the                       difference between all three

Who will Benefit

•       Managers, supervisors, and anyone who manages other employees
•       Human resources professionals – all levels
•       Talent Management and Recruiting professionals – all levels
•       Business leaders who want to successfully grow their workforce of employees who perform well and                           are engaged

Industries who can attend

This 60-minute online course is intended for professionals in the All industries and companies

Speaker Profile

Melveen Stevenson

Melveen Stevenson is the CEO and founder of M.S.Elemental, LLC, a human resources and business advisory firm based in Los Angeles, California. As a certified HR professional with a background in accounting and finance, she helps companies to navigate the human resources “jungle” of compliance, human capital, and leadership challenges. By using an encompassing business approach, she helps to strengthen the infrastructure of organizations from the inside out, specifically through leadership development, operations, training, employee engagement, and executive coaching.

Over the last 17 years, Melveen has held leadership positions in human resources operations, supply chain, and talent management at international companies in food manufacturing, medical devices, and consumer products. She has also worked internationally.

Melveen began her career in accounting and international banking. With an inspired desire to support and drive organizational success through human capital, she redirected her career and obtained her MBA at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad Graduate School of Management.

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