If your business or industry addresses the needs of the consumer health, wellness, and food industries, this is a must see event.

It presents some of the broad-based trends in these areas across the globe, with a focus on the USA and Europe, And considers the choices of the recent past, current status of these trends, and the near term future. Many of the points are presented in actionable detail, but the webinar's intent is to present a broad-based take on consumer health and food trends in the near term, the next one to two years.

Why You Should Attend

"The information presented in this webinar is based on information from the public domain, personal interviews, internet and social media discussions, news articles, and similar resources. Our five-country survey, published each year, tracks long-term changes in consumer beliefs about food, nutrition and health. The focus is on the US and Europe, with noteworthy points from other areas.
Items considered:

  • Health and wellness concerns
  • What consumers are eating and what they're avoiding
  • Where consumers look for food and health information
  • What are their attitudes to fats, carbs, digestive wellness
  • Carnivore, Keto, Mediterranean, DASH, meatless meals
  • and more

The data is presented with key points, brief summaries and explanations. There is some comparison between countries, the influence of gender and age, where applicable, and a discussion of how these drivers are changing over time. Where appropriate, there are special focus on the younger consumer demographic, of 18-34 years of age."

Webinar Takeaway

  • H+B12:B35
  • Key health concerns reflected in consumer trends
  • Growth of the wellness movement
  • What are consumers eating and why
  • What are consumers avoiding and why
  • What is the preferred source of consumer information
  • Diets: Mediterranean, DASH, Heart healthy, DASH, food Pyramid, Keto,
  • carnivore, vegan,
  • commercial diets
  • Wellness

Who Will Benefit

  • QA / RA
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Consultants; others tasked with product, marketing and related consumer areas

Faculty John E. Lincoln

Medical Devices / Regulatory Consultant; also pharma and dietary supplements

John E. Lincoln is Principal of J. E. Lincoln and Associates LLC, a consulting company, with over 32 years experience in U.S. FDA-regulated industries, 18 of which as a full time independent FDA-regulated industry consultant. Mr. Lincoln has worked with companies from start-up to Fortune 100, in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, China and Taiwan. He specializes in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, QMS / CGMP audits and problem remediation and FDA responses, new / changed product 510(k)s, process / product / equipment including QMS and software validations, ISO 14971 product risk management files / reports, Design Control / Design History Files, Technical Files. He’s held positions in Manufacturing Engineering, QA, QAE, Regulatory Affairs, to the level of Director and VP (R&D).


RAPS - This course has been pre-approved by RAPS as eligible for up to 1.5 credits towards a participant's RAC recertification upon full completion.

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